Downloads and Installation

The Killer Whale Simulation requires the Java runtime on your computer.  If your machine doesn't have Java then you should first download and install it from If you're not sure if your machine has Java then click on the link above and select the "Do I have Java?" option.

If you want to compile the program from the source code then you will need the Java SDK available from

Installation for Windows, Mac, Unix (Last updated 3/12/12)

    1. Install Java 1.5 or higher
    2. Download and unzip
    3. To start the simulation, double-click on the "KillerWhaleSim.jar" icon which is in the root folder of the unzipped files. If you are running from the command line, use the command "java -jar KillerWhaleSim.jar".

The simulation will use the files in the "KillerWhaleParms" subdirectory contained within the root folder. The file "batch.txt" in this folder specifies many of the initial setings. The results of your simulation will be saved in a "results" subdirectory contained within the "KillerWhaleParms" subdirectory. See the documentation and the README.TXT file in the "KillerWhaleParms" subdirectory for instructions on how these files control the simulation.

To uninstall simply delete all the files in the unzipped folder.

Source Code (Last updated 3/12/12)

Source code is provided as a NetBeans project. Download and extract to a directory of your choice. Start NetBeans and open the project. The necessary jar files (repastj.jar, colt,jar, plot,jar, and trove.jar) are already referenced in the project and stored in the root directory.