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PenAttention is a free Windows program that displays a highlight, pencil, or pointer at the location of the pen. It's intended for use in presentations on a Tablet PC so your audience can see what you're pointing at on the screen, since most programs show the pen's location with an eensy-weenie-teenie-tiny dot that is almost impossible to see on a projector screen. For a demo, see the overview video.

The sister program, CursorAttention, is designed to run on Windows machines that are not Tablet PC's. This may be useful if you wish to highlight the mouse location or use a non-active digitizer (e.g. an external tablet).

The latest version is 1.4. A video is available demonstrating the new features in version 1.4. There is also video demonstrating the new features in version 1.3.


Change Log

v1.4: 12/24/2010
  - Hotkey support to toggle on/off using CTRL-F9 or CTRL-ALT-F9
  - Allows custom image to be used in place of the default pencil.  The custom image should be named CustomPen.png and placed in the installation folder.

v1.3: 1/03/2010
  - Support for mapping to extended displays (displays a highlight on 
    extended displays like Microsoft PowerPoint in Presenter View mode
    or Classroom Presenter in Dual-Monitor Output Mode)
  - Support for rectangular highlight (useful for highlighting text 
    passages or lines)
  - Right-click to toggle highlight color
  - Fixed bug failing to display the icon if starting up in pen or pointer mode

v1.2: 1/05/2009
  - 64 bit versions released

v1.2: 6/26/2008
  - CursorAttention released

v1.2: 5/10/2008
  - Fixed issue that caused flickering in some programs 
    (e.g. PowerPoint full screen) and
    problems drawing in Sticky Notes.
  - Added dialog box to allow the user to modify the color, size, and opacity 
    if highlighting is selected
  - Ability to highlight the mouse in addition to the pen

v1.01: 5/8/2008
  - Fixed bug that prevented the program from working on XP Tablet
  - Fixed bug requiring UAC or Protected Mode to be disabled to operate 
    from Internet Explorer on Vista

v1.0: 4/18/2008
  -  Initial release

Email any questions or comments to Kenrick Mock: kenrick@acm.org