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Cooperatives as a Business Model for Alaskan Agriculture and Seafood Industry

Status Complete
Seeking Researchers No
Start Date 09/01/2006
End Date 06/30/2007
Funding Source Policy Research Internship Awards
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Last Updated 07/05/2008 01:25AM


  Andrew Crow

Student Researchers
  Nataliya Udovyk


The purpose for studying Cooperatives as a Business Model for Alaskan Agriculture and Seafood Industry was to research the cooperative as a business model and to investigate the possible benefits of implementing it into small scale farming and commercial fishing settings of the Alaska economy. The predicted benefits would include drawing on larger capital for the business expansion, community involvement benefits as well as overall economic development benefits for the state. The research had three stages. The first stage was to look at various business organization models such as t-corporations, limited liability companies, new generation cooperatives (NGC), and cooperatives themselves and to compare all of the models in order to see the advantages and difficulties in setting each one up in Alaska. The criteria that were particularly looked at were taxation, ownership and management processes. The second stage went on to study more closely the differences between the NGC and cooperatives, while looking and analyzing their nation wide models and the differences in their business set up. The third stage consisted of drafting a sample Primer for a Cooperative in Alaska with its articles of incorporation, which had to follow state legislature procedures and mandates. The aim of the study is to encourage and help guide the Alaska fishermen and farmers on the way of expanding their business by developing community oriented cooperative businesses. The findings during the study and its results were presented to the SeaGrant governmental agency to be published as a series of periodical pamphlets that would get distributed among fishermen. The results will also be posted on the ISER webpage.

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