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Holding On or Letting Go: a journey to release

Status Complete
Seeking Researchers No
Start Date 12/15/2014
End Date 05/30/2015
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Last Updated 05/29/2015 04:36PM
Keywords sculpture, emotion


  Mariano Gonzales

Student Researchers
  Gillian Brinnand


Holding On or Letting Go: a journey to release is a sculptural series of five art pieces which visually explore the process of letting go of ideas and memories that prohibit growth. In each of the five pieces the organic wood represents the self or individual, while the inorganic metal depicts the detrimental thoughts which need to be relinquished. I use the contrasting qualities between the organic and the inorganic to suggest the release of negative emotions that are not part of oneself. Letting go is the inner action that stops the resisting. My mind is often filled with images of what I should look like, what kind of career I should have or hurtful words that linger with me. Creating this work has helped me shed some of these images. Now instead of resisting, when I feel stress bubbling up over something that in the big scheme of things really isn't that important, I repeat the mantra, "just let it go." Holding On or Letting Go: a journey to release is the visual translation of that inner action.

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