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Jane Addams: Editing towards professionalism

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Start Date 06/08/2014
End Date 06/30/2015
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Last Updated 01/02/2015 12:24PM
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  Clare Dannenberg

Student Researchers
  David Reamer


Jane Addams, Progressive Era stalwart and social work pioneer, wrote several books detailing her experiences and efforts towards countering various social ills. Many of these works, in a manner typical for their day, were initially serialized in leading magazines before their edited inclusion in books. My hypothesis is that Addams displayed a tendency to edit her own work towards a more professionally appropriate usage of language--a simplified use of language attempting to be free of unnecessary descriptions, uninfonned opinions, or emotional content, which presaged a general trend towards professionalism m social work. As the founder of modem social work, and as a person who has remained of academic and popular relevance since her passing, such a review is critical to understanding the motivations for and evolution of professional language usage.

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