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Development of video based pre-service training for animal shelter volunteers

Status Current
Seeking Researchers No
Start Date 06/30/2014
End Date 06/30/2015
Funding Source Research in the Community
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Last Updated 08/18/2014 11:43PM
Keywords animal shelter, volunteer training, video-based training


  Veronica Howard

Student Researchers
  Patrina Callahan


Enrichment programs have been shown to increase the adoptability and reduce the return of sheltered pets (Salman, Hutchison & Ruch-Gallie, 2000; Casey & Bradshaw, 2008). While providing excellent care for the animals in their charge, many shelters cannot afford enrichment programs (Segurson, 2009). Shelters may choose to use volunteer labor as one method to reduce the cost of enrichment programs. Studies have shown that video based behavioral skills training can provide highly effective volunteer safety training with long term cost savings (Howard & DiGennaro Reed, in press). However, previous studies have not evaluated volunteer performance of safe handling and enrichment with sheltered cats. The proposed study seeks to compare the relative cost and effectiveness of a live pre-service workshop training package and a video-based pre-service training package to teach animal shelter volunteers to safely handle sheltered cats.

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