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Comparative Treeline Winter Wear Relations of the two Tree Species Respresenting Contrasting Ecozones

Status Complete
Seeking Researchers No
Start Date 12/01/2012
End Date 07/01/2013
Funding Source Undergraduate Research Grant
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Last Updated 01/30/2013 04:31PM
Keywords treeline, dessication


  Bjartmar Sveinbjornsson

Student Researchers
  Lindsay Mizell


In the study of treeline, varying hypothesis have been proposed as to the inability of trees to grow past this zone. Very little is known about the actual mechanisms that are responsible for this distinct trend in growth. It is proposed that the distinct cutoff in population as elevations approach tree line is due to dessication. This predicted to be a result of uncontrollable water loss due to cuticular damage inflicted by the harsh environment.

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