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The Genetic Basis for Variation in the Pelvic Spine Angle of Threespine Stickleback (Gasterosteus aculeatus)

Status Complete
Seeking Researchers No
Start Date 12/01/2012
End Date 07/01/2013
Funding Source Undergraduate Research Grant
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Last Updated 01/30/2013 01:30PM
Keywords stickleback


  Frank Von Hippel

Student Researchers
  Jeffrey Colgren


In recent years. threespine stickleback (CJasteros/eus acu/eatus) have become a
model organism within the field of evolutionary biology for addressing questions
concerning the number of loci underlying quantitative traits and their effect sizes. The aim of the proposed study is to document phenotypic variation within the pelvic spine angles of natural populations of threespine stickleback and to take a population genetics approach to identification of the genotypic basis of this variation. This is the first known study to quantify and map spine angle variation in threespine stickleback. By utilizing a high density of genetic markers. we can gather much information on the number of loci underlying traits of interest and their effect sizes to offer insight into whether quantitative traits result from the polygenic effect of a few alleles of large effect or a large number of small effect alleles.

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