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Digital Snow Plow Monitoring for User Navigation Purporses

Status Complete
Seeking Researchers No
Start Date 12/01/2012
End Date 07/01/2013
Funding Source Undergraduate Research Grant
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Last Updated 01/30/2013 01:24PM
Keywords anchorage, snow plows


  Jeffrey Miller

Student Researchers
  Jacob Wingerd


Alaska has very treacherous winters, and navigating is never more difficult
for commuters than during the snow season. To help combat the ever
accumulating snow in Anchorage, the Municipality deploys snowplows. However,
it is difficult for drivers in the Anchorage area to become aware of which roads
have been recently plowed. Short of direct observation or some radio broadcasts,
citizens stay in the dark as to where the roads have been cleared and where they
remain covered in snow. Based on work done by Tim Menard, we have created
hardware to be installed on Municipality plows that will transmit the
whereabouts and plow position of each plow over a cellular network. This
hardware will be used to track the recent activity of the plows within Anchorage
and transmit the data over a cellular network back to a central server. We will
then implement software to overlay color coded edges in Google maps to provide
users with a very easy to use and effective way of choosing their best route of
travel on the dangerous and sometimes fatal winter roads of anchorage.

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