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Growing Plants Under Hyperbaric Conditions

Status Complete
Seeking Researchers No
Start Date 12/01/2012
End Date 07/01/2013
Funding Source Undergraduate Research Grant
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Last Updated 01/30/2013 01:14PM
Keywords plants, hyperbaric


  John Olofsson

Student Researchers
  Lowell Perry


Much recent research has been done on the effects of hypobaric conditions on the
growth of plants, particularly in preparation for growing plants on Mars, which has lower
atmospheric pressure than Earth (Richards et al., 2006; Paul et al. , 2004). However, little
research has been done on the effects of hyperbaric conditions on the growth of plants. What
little research that is available suggests that under hyperbaric conditions, plants would grow faster and be healthier. This project would consist of growing tomato and lettuce plants under hyperbaric conditions and comparing them to tomato and lettuce plants grown under normobaric conditions. The plants will be grown at least long enough for the tomato plants to bear fruit and the fruit will be compared quantitatively.

The results of this experiment could be applied to
o Extreme Climate Gardening;
o Building atmospherically sealed gardens in extraterrestrial locations;
o More efficient application of plants to scrub C02 from emissions.

Project Goals

Assess the effects of hyperbaric conditions on fruit type plants (e.g., tomato) and
vegetable type plants (e.g., lettuce). If there is an effect, quantify it and assess how the results may be applied to commercial agriculture for improving crop yield.
Also, if there is an effect, assess the economics and feasibility of building hyperbaric or hypobaric plant growth chambers for commercial application.

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