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Do Eco-labels effect consumer choice?

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Start Date 12/01/2011
End Date 06/01/2012
Funding Source Undergraduate Research Grant
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Last Updated 03/25/2012 04:26PM
Keywords eco-labels


  Zeynep Kilic

Student Researchers
  Nathaniel Chriest


Do informational labels on products influence what people purchase? This research measures the effects of eco-labels. Methods such as prohibition and education outreach are unsuccessful in quickly informing consumers about product impact on their health and the environment. Proposed eco-labeling system utilizes the best aspects of conventional and easily recognized methods such as universal color-
coding used in traffic lights. The research also proposes that institutions, like the University of Alaska Anchorage, can work with local businesses, like Aurora Vending without drastically altering the nature of their relationship, through an effective compromise by providing products that increase public health and decrease environmental impact. This study will measure the degree to which eco-labeis can affect (or may change) consumer behavior at the vending machine.

Data will be gathered by tracking the sales from four snack vending machines located on the UAA campus. Products are scientifically ranked using The Good Guide, an established online rating system that factors product health content and company environmental impact. Each item in the four vending machines will be assigned one of three codes; green for good health content and good environmental practices; yellow for moderate health content and moderate environmental practices; red for low health content and low environmental practices (GoodGuide, Inc., 2011). The results measured by vending machine sales will determine effects that labels can have on consumer food choices.

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