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Acceleration of the Head due to Soccer Ball Heading

Status Complete
Seeking Researchers No
Start Date 01/02/2012
End Date 01/06/2012
Funding Source Discovery Grant
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Last Updated 03/25/2012 12:16AM
Keywords soccer, heading


  Jennifer McFerran Brock

Student Researchers
  Julia DelSignore


The effects of repetitive low-impact head injuries are currently inconclusive. The aim of this project was the design and testing of a wireless instrumented mouthguard which would measure accelerations of the head quantitatively. Such a device would allow for
the study of accelerations of the head In three dimensions and their evolution during the time over which the 1m pact occurs.

The purpose of this study was to design and test an instrumented mouthguard which could be used to record the accelerations of the head when heading soccer balls. Sessions were recorded using the HotShot 512 INT high-speed (HS) camera in order to save a visual record of the session, and to provide data on the position, velocity and deflection of the ball, as well as the impact duration, to supplement the data from the mouth guard.

Preliminary results show that an instrumented mouthguard is a promising tool to measure accelerations of the head.

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