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Winston S. Churchill's Autobiography: My Early Life

Status Current
Seeking Researchers No
Start Date 11/01/2010
End Date 06/30/2011
Funding Source Undergraduate Research Grant
Funding Amount 1,971
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Last Updated 03/02/2011 12:12AM
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  James Muller

Student Researchers
  Erica Chenoweth


In this project I will be a research assistant helping to unearth and refine material for a new edition of one of Churchill's most acclaimed and best-loved books, his autobiography jlfy Early Life, with an insightful and judicious new introduction by the faculty mentor, Professor James Muller. The comprehensive notes arising from this research and included in the new edition will make the material more understandable to twenty-first century readers, illuminating details of the fascinating time of transition between eras in world history that Churchill's young life encompassed. Not only will the material be more digestible and meaningful to readers as a result of the research, but many long-standing and lively controversies raised by the book will either be resolved or illuminated by a fuller presentation of the known facts. This research will assist in the preparation of a definitive edition that, when published, will permanently benefit students, scholars, and the general reader.

I will prepare queries this spring, identifying important content and sections within each chapter of the book that require further research. I will then fly to England for two weeks to conduct research. Approximately one week will be spent in Cambridge at the Churchill Archives Centre at Churchill College and the Cambridge University Library. Another week will be spent in London at the British Library. In both locations I will be accessing critical primary material, to include, but not be limited to, general histories, memoirs, letters, previously secret documents, and some unpublished material, all of which will contribute to the material included in the new edition.

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