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The Effect of Short Duration Mindfulness Meditation on Attention and Stress

Status Complete
Seeking Researchers No
Start Date 11/01/2010
End Date 06/30/2011
Funding Source Undergraduate Research Grant
Funding Amount 2,000
Community Partner
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Last Updated 09/21/2011 10:20PM
Keywords attention, meditation, stress, mindfulness


  Robert Boeckmann

Student Researchers
  Adam Butler


The past 30 years has seen a huge increase in clinical interest in the practice of mindfulness, which has been shown to have several beneficial physiological and psychological effects including improved performance on attention tasks and stress reduction (Baer, 2003; Grossman, Niemann, Schmidt, & Walach, 2004; Jha, Krompinger, & Baine, 2007). Much of the research has focused on traditional Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction programs which consist of 26 hours of guided practice over an 8 week period, but recent research has shown that interventions as short as 1 - 6 total hours over multiple days can still produce significant effects on attention and stress (Klatt, Buckworth, & Malarkey, 2009; Zeidan, Gordon, Merchant, & Goolkasian, 2010; Zeidan, Johnson, Diamond, David, & Goolkasian, 2010). The aim of this study is to investigate whether a single brief guided mindfulness meditation can significantly improve attention performance in novice meditators and reduce stress.

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