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Start Date 05/01/2010
End Date 05/01/2010
Funding Source Brian & Amy Meissner Creativity Award
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  Sean Licka

Student Researchers
  Dariya Kostareva


My art is a diligent manifestation of simple ideas. Quite often these ideas are whimsical and amusing; other times, they are eager to become apparent. One by one, they jump out at me in most inconvenient situations and I have no choice but to channel them into concrete vessels — those which I call my art.

The ideas that find me are not completely whimsical in their own original state; yet they compel me to envision their full potential. Quite often, they require to be isolated, magnified, exaggerated or placed outside of their comfort zone. I do just that, in order to translate to the rest of world via art the comedy of things which I notice on accident.

Each art piece in my current body of work captures in itself a brief moment of my whimsical fascination. Some of the things I find humorous, are the ideas which I take out of their original context: it might be an ordinary vegetable, blown out of its proportion and given a toxic, glow-in the-dark color, it might be a moose, mistakenly given the body of a woman or for that matter, a woman, given the body of a fruit. My pieces contradict the real life qualities of objects and living things. Yet, after placing these subjects outside of their original state, the parallels which existed
between two concepts depicted become readily apparent, and manifest themselves through my work.

The title of the triptych which I selected for review of the Brian and Amy Meissner Creativity Award is Transcending. This piece is carefully rendered in gouache on watercolor paper; each of the three paintings is 18"x13". In this work, I humor the idea that as adults, we somehow lose our ability to draw using only two dimensional principles. It is the thought that we must fake three dimensions on a flat, 2D surface that I believe discourages many kids in our society from becoming artists. In my work I protest such fake representations. Moreover, this particular art piece challenges these rules of traditional two dimensional art. The bright background colors juxtaposed with muted middle and foreground colors question the habitual relationship of space between the depicted and the viewer. All of the shadows forsake the notions of chiaroscuro or blending and instead gain form through use of contrasting colors. Because of this breaking of pictorial rules, what is far away appears to be closer to the viewer, and vice versa.

Fiddling with ideas as the above, my art attempts to defy pre-conceived notions embedded in the spectator by the traditionalisms of classical art. Furthermore, my pieces explore and challenge the relationships between the artist and the art, and that, between the art and the spectator. The mediums which I choose to express my ideas with are quite traditional, as is in the in Transcending. I have come to terms with the notion that there is nothing new which has not already been done. It is rather the degree to which any given medium has been explored that allows room for so-called innovation. I explore my relationships with various mediums reaching to drive them to their full potential. Theoretically, my artworks strive to achieve creativity and innovation through strong conceptual foundations. Practically, they do so through exploring all the technicalities of a given medium, and finding an unpredictable way to work in that realm.

I have been blessed with a gift of being able to view the world around me in a "funny way". As an artist, it is my mission to share the ideas, concepts and insights which become apparent through my art. I consider creativity to be the ability to express various relationships between ideas in ways which are unpredictable. As an agent of creativity, it is my lifelong goal to do exactly that.

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IMG_8632.jpg"Transcending" Triptych, 18”x13” each, gouache, 2008.dikostareva
IMG_8633.jpgDetail of same piecedikostareva