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Mechanical Hand

Status Current
Seeking Researchers No
Start Date 07/01/2010
End Date 06/30/2011
Funding Source Parasca Science Research Award
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Last Updated 09/25/2010 02:10AM
Keywords mechanical hand


  David Pfeiffer, Muhammad Ali, Todd Petersen

Student Researchers
  Jens Jensen, Sarah Aiken, Stephen Sutton


The purpose of this proposal is to obtain the necessary support to build a life-sized, fully functional mechanical hand. Research and design began in early December 2009 for a hand that has the dexterity of a normal human hand that can be controlled remotely by a glove and be operated by anyone. In this project, we will bring Electrical, Bio-Medical and Mechanical Engineering practices together in our quest for higher education and to provide a firm platform which will lead into advanced prosthetics. In the fall semester of2009, we built a basic mechanical hand out of balsa wood and fishing line using a hard wired joystick controller. While the purpose ofthe project was for an engineering course, the project itself became very captivating and inspired an un-ending wave of inspiration and imagination. We are advancing this project over the next year and a half which brings us to Phase II of the Mechanical Hand.

During the Spring 2010 semester, we intend to complete Phase II of our project, a working, wireless model of a mechanical hand. Our first goal is to finish design and manufacturing of a working model of a mechanical hand with a structurally sound, and efficient base. The base or forearm will contain the motors, gear boxes, and a microprocessor/receiver that will operate the hand. Second, we need to design a "glove" that will contain the various sensors and relays required in our design. Finally, we will be programming a microprocessor that will be installed in the glove which will collect data from the sensors on the glove and transmit organized data to
the receiver in a form that can be recognized by the microprocessor in the mechanical hand. With the completion of these three goals, Phase II of our mechanical hand project will be successful.

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