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A Cooperative for Matanuska Valley Produce Farmers

Status Current
Seeking Researchers No
Start Date 07/01/2010
End Date 06/30/2011
Funding Source Research in the Community Award
Funding Amount
Community Partner Alaska Center for the Environment
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Last Updated 09/25/2010 01:59AM
Keywords food, coop


  Shannon Donovan

Student Researchers
  Carey Thissen


Would a Cooperative system mutually benefit local produce growers in Matanuska Valley and restaurants in Anchorage? Could a produce cooperative fill voids in the current food distribution system?

Project Description:

My proposal is to document the anticipated success of a cooperative system for produce farmers in Matanuska Valley and restaurants in Anchorage. The answer to this question will be presented to my community partner, Alaska Center for the Environment (ACE), and more specifically Alli Harvey, sustainability coordinator for the organization. I also intend to present my findings at the Association for Environmental Sciences and Studies Conference in Portland this June.

As part of my research I will investigate where the current food system between Matanuska valley's produce farmers and restaurants lies. ACE is currently working on many local food projects and Alli believes my proposed work in this area will further benefit their efforts. My contribution will include discovering the nuances to transportation, distribution and processing of produce from the valley. I will also get a better understanding of specific products being used and the restaurants in town that are using them.

In addition, as part of my research, I will be conducting interviews with produce farmers and restaurant chefs. The information I gather regarding the use of local food at this time as well as any frustrations that exist will be helpful in better understanding current limitations of the local food movement. My findings will
provide important information needed for future local and regional local food
projects and efforts.

The final contribution I will make is a list of future contacts both, restaurants
and farmers, for ACE's use. I will ask all interview participants about their willingness to be involved or contacted in the future. If they comply I will give their name and contact information to ACE.

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