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Acceleration of the Head from Impacts During Soccer Heading

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Start Date 07/01/2010
End Date 06/30/2011
Funding Source Alaska Heart Institute Fellowship
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Last Updated 09/25/2010 01:52AM
Keywords soccer


  Anthony Paris

Student Researchers
  Tessa Kara


Soccer is the only sport where the head is used to redirect motion of a ball. There are conflicting studies relating the long term cumulative musculoskeletal and neurocognitive effects of soccer ball heading in adults. (Paris, Antonini, & McFerran-Brock, 2010) The possible long term and accumulative neurocognitive damage from repetitive head impacts is a topic of great concern. This is especially true for young adults whose bodies are still growing and whom have limited judgment, limited coordination and growing underdeveloped brains and may be more vulnerable to trauma. Heading the soccer ball is common for professional and hobbyist soccer players of all ages, but many soccer organizations prohibit heading by younger players. Although the
impacts will be of very short time durations, usually only milliseconds, the repetitive nature of soccer ball heading may be directly related to long term trauma. A study is proposed that will track the accelerations of the head using modern accelerometer chips and accompanying data acquisition hardware and software. This will be done by inserting 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope chips into a custom acrylic mouth guard worn by a test subject during routine soccer ball heading exercises.

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