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Identification and Characterization of Temperature-Sensitive Mutations Affecting Root Growth and Development in Arabidopsis thaliana

Status Current
Seeking Researchers No
Start Date 11/01/2009
End Date 06/30/2010
Funding Source Undergraduate Research Grant
Funding Amount 1,950
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Last Updated 01/12/2010 04:33PM
Keywords arabidopsis thaliana, genetics, mutants, plant development


  Ben Harrison, Jocelyn Krebs

Student Researchers
  April Rochford


The intent of this research is to identify genes that control root growth and development in the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana. We reason that studying mutants of this organism and identifying the gene affected in each mutant will lead to a better understanding of root growth and development. With this in mind, we designed and performed the first steps in a genetic screen to identify mutants with conditional defects in root growth behavior. Our screen identified a sizable collection of mutants which we now aim to characterize further with the eventual goal of identifying the affected gene(s). This proposal outlines the experiments that will be done in order to determine: the inheritance pattern (dominant, recessive or otherwise) of these mutants, the number of genes affected in each mutant, and the number of genes our collection represents. I also outline my approach to preliminarily map the location of the affected genes on the Arabidopsis genome.

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