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Undergraduate Research Project Management System

Ultrasonic Gum Tissue Sounder

Status Current
Seeking Researchers No
Start Date 11/01/2009
End Date 06/30/2010
Funding Source Alaska Heart Institute Fellowship
Funding Amount 5,000
Community Partner Boise Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Related Course
Last Updated 01/11/2010 10:36PM
Keywords ultrasonic, gum tissue


  Anthony Paris

Student Researchers
  Doug Franklin


The proposed project aims to design an ultra sonic device and method to measure the thickness of gum tissue as a means of determining a profile of the underlying jaw bone. This profile provides dentists with the information needed to determine a patient's suitability for a dental implant. Current methods of determining candidacy are potentially very painful, costly, or harmful to the body. The proposed device will consist of a transducer to produce an ultrasonic wave, a pulser/receiver to send and receive the wave signal, and an analogue to digital converter to translate the received signal to a usable form. There are four specific goals to be achieved through this project. The first goal is to determine if a signal can be transmitted through gum tissue and received with sufficient amplitude for analysis. The second is to experimentally determine whether it is more effective to work in the frequency of time domain. The third is to show that this method will in fact provide an accurate thickness measurement of gum tissue. And the final goal is to show that all steps required to measure the thickness can be performed nearly instantaneously to provide feedback that a dentist or technician can interpret quickly and accurately.

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