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An Analysis of Seismic Activity from Redoubt Volcano, AK Using the Hilbert-Huang Transformation

Status Current
Seeking Researchers No
Start Date 07/01/2009
End Date 06/30/2010
Funding Source Undergraduate Research Grant
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Last Updated 07/13/2009 11:17PM
Keywords transforms, redoubt, volcano


  Jens Munk

Student Researchers
  Dane Ketner, Rrolan Baguyos, Sunil Panthi


Recent seismic activity from the Redoubt Volcano has led seismologists to predict an imminent eruption. These predictions are generally based on the magnitude and frequency of the seismic activity, along with knowledge of the physical behavior from past eruptions. We propose a more complete analysis of the seismic data using the Hilbert-Huang transformation, a new signal processing technique developed by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. This technique will allow us to examine the magnitude and frequency components of the seismic signal at any instant in time. Results from this technique will be compared to those obtained using Fourier and Wavelet transformations, two commonly used methods for examining the frequency content of a signal. We will also use a sort of ground-truthing by reviewing the physical volcanic activity that corresponds to the most apparent seismic events that exist in the seismic data set. By comparing current and past seismic data using the Hilbert-Huang transformation and utilizing the physical volcanic activity record, we hope to develop a tool to better predict when an actual eruption may occur.

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