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Performance of Songs for Voice, Guitar and Lute

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Start Date 07/01/2009
End Date 06/30/2010
Funding Source Undergraduate Research Grant
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Last Updated 07/13/2009 11:17PM
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  Mari Hahn

Student Researchers
  Merrill Flint


Professor Roland Stearns and Mari Hahn have provided an exceptional opportunity to study and perform repertoire for solo voice, accompanied by lute or guitar. Coachings will occur during the Spring 2009 semester, and culminate in a concert in the historical opera theatre in Cervia, Italy as part of the Luigi Lengani International Music Festival. This unique and unprecedented opportunity will offer indepth study of Italian and German songs from the Renaissance to late Romantic eras with Professors Hahn and Stearns, Maestro Giovanni Demartini of the Conservatory in Cervia, and William Matteuzzi. My goals in this project are to gain a strong mastery of Italian language diction, as well as a greater appreciation for the culture from which the music I study comes from. I also seek to increase my skills as a performer by preparing and singing repertory for a professional-level concert. I will achieve my goals by coaching extensively with Professors Hahn and Stearns. I will employ language diction sourcebooks such as Diction for Singers by Robert Caldwell and John Wall, as well as anthologies of Italian and German art songs. I will travel to Italy for the festival, where I will receive further instruction in language diction from Maestro Demartini (who is also an experienced diction coach) and receive a vocal training from William Matteuzzi.

The Luigi festival is of an international stature, and features world-renowned artists. To be invited to perform and to represent UAA at such a festival is a great honor. Maestro Demartini is the founder of the International Guitar Festival “Luigi Legnani.” This festival provides the city of Cervia with an important cultural foundation, during which artists meet on national and international levels. The performances take place in the historical opera theater. Comprised of the new generation of musicians, emerging from international competitions, or guitarists of undoubtedly international repute, including Alirio Diaz, Elena Papandreou, and Tilman Hoppstock. The festival distinguishes itself by the quality of its presentations and bringing culture to the city that is recognized in the national and international musical scenes. The media of television, radio, trade magazine and quarterlies dedicate important articles about the event. In 2007, the festival was awarded the silver medal by the President of the Republic of Italy for it’s contributions. This is the first season that a voice-guitar concert has been programmed, featuring two UAA professors, Drs. Hahn and Stearns. In addition to the engagement at the festival, there will also be two additional performances in the Ravenna, Italy area, and a third concert in Besenfeld, Germany. Furthermore, my private study with William Matteuzzi will greatly enhance my understanding of vocal technique. He is an experienced singer who won the 1980 Enrico Caruso singing competition and has sung for prestigious opera companies such as the Teatro alla Scala and the Metropolitan Opera.

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