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Decay: A Textural Appreciation of Maturity

Status Complete
Seeking Researchers No
Start Date 08/01/2008
End Date 05/01/2009
Funding Source Undergraduate Research Grant
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Last Updated 04/27/2009 10:18PM
Keywords experimental inkjet, printing


  Mariano Gonzales

Student Researchers
  Shannon Huber


My motivation and inspiration for this project comes from many different influences. The inspiration to explore the possibilities of experimental inkjet printing comes from a text book that we used in an experimental inkjet class (taught by Mariano Gonzales). "Digital Art Studio" authored by Karin Schminke, Dorothy Simpson Krause and Bonny Pierce Lhotka has been instrumental in inspiring me as to the possibilities of inkjet printing. Since then, internet sites have emerged from other artists exploring this type of medium, but the availability of other publications is limited at this time. What does this mean to me? I find it intriguing that this subject has so many possibilities, and that it is so relatively unexplored. The relative infancy of this medium is what appeals and captivates the adventurous side of my artistic personality. I endeavor to take something that is flat and transform it into something highly complex, textural and unanticipated. Thus, "Decay: a textural examination of maturity."

This project aims to explore various substrates and printing techniques that transform the impression of digital art into two dimensional and three dimensional forms of texture and complexities. Various unusual substrates will be combined with pre- printing processes, and then digital content will be printed upon the substrates using large format inkjet printers. The goal is to completely transform the materials from their practical everyday use into a complex highly textural piece. Unusual fine art papers will also be used and manipulated in unexpected ways before the preprinting coatings are applied, then inkjet printed. Advanced digital manipulation techniques will be used to transform photographic and scanned images as well as original pieces created using the Adobe Creative Suite CS3 software. Many pieces will then be reformed into three dimensional pieces; two dimensional pieces will have more than one process applied to them, resulting in complex, textural and multi-dimensional pieces.

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