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The Implications of Foundational Epistomology on Date Rape and the Law

Status Complete
Seeking Researchers No
Start Date 09/01/2005
End Date 06/30/2006
Funding Source Undergrdaute Research Grants
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Last Updated 07/05/2008 01:25AM
Keywords Date Rape


  Stephanie Bauer, Tom Buller

Student Researchers
  Dorene Asay-Wilkinson


The project to be proposed is a 30-page publishable quality thesis concerning the epistemological implications in date rape. I will be arguing that the definition of date rape has been shown through research to be different between genders. The male definition of rape id shown in the standards of law and society, whereas the woman's standard is not reflected. I will argue that the traditional epistemological theory supports this gender- biased notion of reason hurting women and aiding in the development of a "culture of rape," that is extremely hazardous to women. This gendered notion of epistemology leaves out women's ways of knowing deeming their ideas of rape as unreasonable and less credible. I will conclude by positing the need for a rejection of the traditional Foundational epistemology that allows the gender-biased approach that is reverberated in the law and a restructuring of the law to represent the woman's idea and definition of rape.

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