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Sensorium: A photographic Exploration of Man and Nature

Status Current
Seeking Researchers No
Start Date 09/01/2007
End Date 06/30/2008
Funding Source Undergraduate Research Grants
Funding Amount
Community Partner
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Last Updated 07/05/2008 01:25AM
Keywords Sensorium


  Mariano Gonzales

Student Researchers
  Kali Bennett


Sensorium, a photographic exploration of man and nature will be an exciting and fresh investigation of today's digital world. With the use of digital photographs and large format printers images will be translated onto silk and cotton fabrics. The textiles will then be cut and sewn together into pieces of wearable art. This innovative project will push the domains of conventional photography and its presentation, focusing on the details of the image and its inherent relationship to the canvas.

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