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Undergraduate Research Project Management System

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Waste Stabilization Pond Design and Performance
The proposed study examines the performance of waste stabilization pond facilities, or wastewater lagoons, throughout rural Alaska to determine if the treatment standards and disinfection requirements imposed by both Federal and State laws are being ...
Craig Woolard, Kyle Hardy


What Role Does Serine 122 of Histone H2A Serve in DNA Damage Repair Pathways?
Living cells are continuously bombarded by environmental stressors and mutagens. DNA is particularly susceptible to damage from sources such as UV light, ionizing radiation, chemical mutagens, and reactive oxygen species. Fortunately, DNA repair me ...
Jocelyn Krebs, Shira Wolfe


Winston S. Churchill's Autobiography: My Early Life
In this project I will be a research assistant helping to unearth and refine material for a new edition of one of Churchill's most acclaimed and best-loved books, his autobiography jlfy Early Life, with an insightful and judicious new introduction by ...
James Muller, Erica Chenoweth