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Undergraduate Research Project Management System

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UAA Transitions
In the Fall Semester of 2009, the Anchorage School District and UAA piloted \"UAA Transitions\" program in which UAA students are trained in experiential leadership facilitation skills. UAA Transitions is built on the concept that youth will often be ...
Marie Lowe, Kate Sanders


Ultrasonic Gum Tissue Sounder
The proposed project aims to design an ultra sonic device and method to measure the thickness of gum tissue as a means of determining a profile of the underlying jaw bone. This profile provides dentists with the information needed to determine a pat ...
Anthony Paris, Doug Franklin


Undergraduate Student's Perceptions of Planned Homebirths
Alaska has one of the highest rates of homebirth in the U.S. with a rate above 1.5% while the U.S. average is around 1% (MacDorman et al. 2011). Much of the previous research on homebirth focuses on the perspective of women, either as providers or as ...
Kate Sanders, Nelta Edwards


Unfrozen Water Found in Antarctic Soils
With the discovery of ice beneath layers of soil on Mars from NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander, scientists were able to generate more studies to support their theories of previous life on Mars. These subsurface liquid waters are analogous to the subsurface ...
Liliya Vugmeyster, Tien Do


University Guitar Ensemble Research and Performance Project
The University Guitar Ensemble has been invited to present a recital in February, 2007 in Portland, Oregon at a Northwest Divisional Conference of MENC (The National Association for Music Education). Our existing repertoire includes important works ...
Rozanne Wilson-Marsh, Nevada Start


Use of Graphical Processor Units to Accelerate Evolutionary Computation for Evolving Image Compression Transforms
Image compression is used on a day to day basis by nearly everyone. The JPEG 2000 standard is used to compress images that appear on websites, are stored on digital cameras, are displayed on cell phones, are transmitted by satellites, etc. The JPEG ...
Frank Moore, Brendan Babb