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Salmon Harvests in Arctic Communities: Local Institutions, Risk, and Resilience
Survival in many rural locales around the world depends upon the availability of subsistence resources. The local institutions-i.e., rules and norms-that facilitate effective use of these resources are subject to unprecedented challenges. This projec ...
James Murphy, Lance Howe, Chris Kolerok, Cristina Gaina, Uyuriukaraq Ulran


Self Healing Distributed Overlay for Highly Mobile Applications
Often, theoretical approaches to problems do not always result in real-world solutions to complex issues. On the military battlefield, especially with communications, this is often the case. Mifitary networks can be divided into two main areas. The s ...
Sun-il Kim, Jasen Kintner


Sensorium: A photographic Exploration of Man and Nature
Sensorium, a photographic exploration of man and nature will be an exciting and fresh investigation of today's digital world. With the use of digital photographs and large format printers images will be translated onto silk and cotton fabrics. The te ...
Mariano Gonzales, Kali Bennett


Sex Differences in Ethanol Sensitivity and Metabolism in Dwarf Hamsters
Unlike many rodents which need to be shaped to consume ethanol solutions (Murphy, McSweeney, Kowal, McDonald, & Wiediger, 2006), Syrian hamsters (Mesocricetus auratus) will not only voluntarily consume ethanol solutions but prefer ethanol solutions i ...
Gwen Lupfer, Ian van Tets, Alyssa Hoskie


Sexual Assault Case Processing: A model of Attrition and Decision Making
As defined by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, forcible rape is the "carnal knowledge of a female forcibly and against her will." For well over 20 years, Anchorage has experienced a persistent and severe problem with forcible rape. In 2003, the r ...
Andre Rosay, Matthew Snodgrass


Source and Transport of Granite Glacial Erratics in Chugach Mountains
The purpose of this research proposal is to determine the source origin of granitic glacial erratics that are deposited on the Chugach Mountains to the east of Anchorage, Alaska. The closest sources of granite for the erratics lie hundreds of kilomet ...
Kristine Crossen, Joshua Anderson


Speeding up Image Compression Research via UAA's GPU Server and Evolutionary Computation
Image compression is used on a day to day basis by nearly everyone. The JPEG 2000 standard is used to compress images that appear on websites, are stored on digital cameras, are displayed on cell phones, are transmitted by satellites, etc. The JPEG 2 ...
Frank Moore, Kenrick Mock, Brendan Babb


Spinal Rod Fatigue Testing and Analysis
The objectives of the proposed study are to measure and compare the fatigue behavior of the three available alloys used for surgically implanted spinal rods and to publish the results for possible use by physicians, patients, engineers, and scientist ...
Anthony Paris, Alex Bergeron


Spinal Rod Heat Tinting
Hypothesis: Titanium (ASTM F138), stainless steel (ASTM F136) and cobalt-chromium-molybdenum (ASTM F75) spinal rods can be heat tinted without significantly changing their biomechanical properties. The objective of the proposed study is to establi ...
Anthony Paris, Alex Bergeron


Stabilization of rural sewage lagoon permafrost embankment
Wastewater lagoons serve to treat wastewater in rural villages throughout Alaska. They are a low cost solution for wastewater treatment but are constructed out of variably stable permafrost. Permafrost consists of a thick subsurface layer of soil tha ...
Joey Yang, Monick Estrada Gonzalez


Surveillance of coronaviruses in native Alaskan bats
Bats are a recently identified host reservoir for emerging infectious diseases. Their ability to disperse viruses into other species and across large areas is due to their ability to fly, long life spans, migration and hibernation habits, and their c ...
Douglas Causey, Maegan Lange