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Rapid Evolutionary Divergence of Sculpin in Bering Glacier Region, Alaska
This project will evaluate evidence of rapid evolutionary divergence of sculpins (two species: Cottus asper and C. cognatus) in proglacial lakes based on morphological traits. The traits will be evaluated using facilities and instruments at UAA. The ...
Frank Von Hippel, Eric Sjoden


Regulation of Stress Response Genes in Brewer's Yeast
All cells have mechanisms by which they respond to stressors, such as toxic metals, in their environment. This stress response includes transcriptional activation and regulation of specific stress response genes. The DNA has certain sequence elemen ...
Jocelyn Krebs, Rachel Brewer


Remediation of Metal Contamination Along Alaska's Roadways: A Hydroponic Feasibility Study
Soil pollution is becoming a greater threat to the environment, especially as populations and industrial economies expand. There are studies to suggest that several plant species may be useful ¡n reducing the migration of such pollution further do ...
John Kennish, Emily Secrest


Role of ISWI Dependent Chromatin Remodeling Complexes in Development in Xenopus laevis
DNA in eukaryotic cells is in the form of chromatin, a highly compacted state that is necessary to fit into the nucleus. Chromatin consists of DNA wrapped around histone proteins to form nucleosomes. Imitation switch (ISWI) is an ATP-dependent chrom ...
Jocelyn Krebs, Monica Anderson


Role of Williams Syndrome Transcription Factor in heart development in Xenopus
Williams Syndrome Transcription factor (WSTF) was first identified in the deletion of several genes on chromosome 7. This heterozygous deletion results in Williams syndrome (WS), a developmental disorder. Patients with WS display a number of systemic ...
Jocelyn Krebs, Audrey Rutz


Role of Williams Syndrome Transcription Factor in Xenopus Laevis
Williams Syndrome (WS) is a genetic disorder that results in cardiovascular defects and visual/spatial processing deficits. One of several genes absent in WS patients is Williams Syndrome Trascription Factor (WSTF). WSTF interacts with Imitation Swit ...
Jocelyn Krebs, Trevor Thomas