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Observational Learning in Dwarf Hamsters
Observational learning is a phenomenon observed in many species, including dogs, pigeons, and golden hamsters. Animals able to acquire information by observing others can benefit themselves by saving time in the discovery process and learn more rapi ...
Gwen Lupfer, Uzma Manzoor


Options for K-12 education funding: Linking spending to student outcomes
There is a substantial body of research nationally around the issue of how to structure K-12 funding mechanisms to ensure adequacy and equity. We are exploring how this research could be applied to the Alaskan context.
Diane Hirshberg, Alexandra Hill, Michelle Steffens


Our Bodies, Our Stories
My project is about women’s experiences in life as told through their physical bodies. I especially want to explore two themes: how women experience and respond to the physical changes related to the life cycle and aging, and how their stories ...
Garry Kaulitz, Nancy Stallings