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Neural expression of MRF4 in Xenopus laevis
Skeletal muscle embryonic development is regulated by many genes, including one called MRF4. In mammals, MRF4 is expressed only in myogenic cells, but in the frog Xenopus laevis, we have observed MRF4 expression in embryonic neural structures as well ...
Tim Hinterberger, Christy Strong, Jessica Cheatwood


New Methodologies for Determining Habitat Carrying Capacity for Moose
This project involves new methodologies for data collection and analysis to determine the carrying capacity of a habitat for moose and deer. The herbivore ecology data collection application is integrating a GPS unit, Mitutoyo digimatic calipers, La ...
Donald Spalinger, Kenrick Mock, Oran Weaver, Jim Weller


Non-organic membrane research
We propose to study the evolution of membranes formed by chemical reactions. Metal salts react with silicate solutions to produce precipitate membranes at the interface between the solutions. These membranes tend to form complex closed structures t ...
Jerzy Maselko, Jim Pantaleone


Non-skin Racial Cues and their Impact on Misidentification
Previous research indicates that individuals automatically encode race when they encounter an unfamiliar person. When identifying a crime suspect whose race is not apparent through skin-tone, racial stereotypes may influence this automatic encoding p ...
John Petraitis, Laura Gardner


Nurse Practitioners and Primary Care: Medicare Beneficiaries in Anchorage and Mat-Su
Growth in senior populations, coupled with reports of increasing numbers of physicians who either opt out of Medicare or see only established Medicare patients, may lead to a shortage of primary-care services for this group. Our 2008 survey of genera ...
Rosyland Frazier, Erica Mitchell