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Majority Voter Requirements with Asymmetric-payoff Elections
Plurality voting is the most commonly used system if voting around the world but it has many flaws. Majority required voting systems have been proposed as a superior alternative. Game theoretic modeling supports majority requirements as a way to equa ...
James Murphy, Peter Bradley, Stephen Deutsch, Dax Ehrhart


Measuring Force with the Gum Sounder
This project will add a second mode of functionality to the previous Gum Sounder project. This project explores several methods of measuring the force applied by the tip of the Gum Sounder tool. These methods are measuring the resonant frequency shif ...
Anthony Paris, Andrew Cochrane, Brian Oliver, Elliot Larsen, Thomas Van Thiel


Measuring the Induction of the Heat Shock Response
Research on neurological disorders such as Huntington's and Alzheimer's disease have shown that these disorders all share the common presence of D.\'A that encodes proteins with long repetitive strands of the amino acid glutamine (polyglutamine; poly ...
Ann Jennings, Ben Harrison


Mechanical Hand
The purpose of this proposal is to obtain the necessary support to build a life-sized, fully functional mechanical hand. Research and design began in early December 2009 for a hand that has the dexterity of a normal human hand that can be controlled ...
David Pfeiffer, Muhammad Ali, Todd Petersen, Jens Jensen, Sarah Aiken, Stephen Sutton


Medical Ethics and Physician-Assisted Suicide
This paper was done in partial completion of requirements for a senior-level philosophy course (PHIL 405) Professional Ethics. The topic is on Physician-Assisted Suicide (PAS). I compare and contrast the pros and cons of PAS from contemporary sourc ...
Terrence Kelly, Ashley Whitaker


Medicare Patient Access to Primary
In this project we will assess Medicare beneficiaries access to primary care services provided by nurse practitioners; and collect costs and reimbursement data through survey and the analysis of secondary data. Our plan is to survey primary care *nur ...
Rosyland Frazier, Leigh Coppola


Meeting Places and Longevity of Relationships: Distal Factors of Correlation
Relationships begin in a variety of places. This study will examine the underlying influences of meeting place and social networks on relationship longevity in attempt to replicate previous studies conducted over a decade ago by Michael, Gagnon, Laum ...
Robert Boeckmann, Jessica Reyna


Mental Health and Autism Spectrum Disorders
The purpose or this study is to explore the experiences of parents of youth (10-20) With Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and their use the mental health system in Anchorage. Alaska. This will be a phenomenological study aimed at understanding the sha ...
Mary Dallas Allen, Sarah Zerkel


Microstructural and Biomechanical Property Differences of Spinal Rods from Different Lots
The objective of this project is to obtain a qualitative and quantitative comparison of the static biomechanical behavior of stainless steel and titanium spinal rods from different lots. Static testing will be done in a controlled environment, which ...
Anthony Paris, Cheyenne Alabanzas


Minority Disparity in College Retention: An Examination of Alaska Native Retention Programs at UAA
Social dynamics (e.g., racism, ethnic stereotypes) threaten college success for minority students (Maton & Hrabowski III, 2004; Schmader, Major, & Gramzow, 2001). These threats can lead to academic disengagement and lowered self-efficacy-- possible f ...
Claudia Lampman, Rebecca Prieto


Mitochondrial function and histone H2A
The long-term objective of this research is to understand how cells respond to numerous stresses and DNA damaging agents, such as the damage caused by reactive oxygen species (ROS). We wish to understand how stress responses are regulated and coordi ...
Jocelyn Krebs, Jason Bell


Molecular and Morphological Diversity of Stylaster Corals in Alaska
Alaskan deepwater corals have received attention in recent years due to the possible impact of commercial fishing on slow growing habitat.  Corals appear to be easily damaged by commercial fishing gear.  Alaska has an abundance of coral species ...
Sergei Drovetski, Arthur Schultz


Multiple Factor Authentication Using Gaze Tracking and Iris Scanning
With the advent of ubiquitous mobile networks comes an increase in the use of these networks to access personal information from public places. Of critical importance is the security of these systems to prevent the disclosure of sensitive informatio ...
Bogdan Hoanca, Kenrick Mock


Myoglobin Concentrations and Acid Buffering Capacity in Seal Cardiac Tissue
Aquatic mammals, particularly those who participate in deep diving behaviors, require different physiological and biochemical adaptations to survive in low oxygen environment. These animals have been shown to have increased lung capacity, higher bloo ...
Jennifer Burns, Nancy Bishop