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I am the Same Kid as Yesterday; Youth Homelessness and Sexual Orientation
Research suggests a correlation between homelessness and sexual orientation among youth. What factors lead to the overrepresentation of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered (LGBT) youth among the general population of homeless youth? The core pr ...
Kent Spiers, Nelta Edwards


Ice Breakup Prediction
Ice breakup dates are useful to understand climate, its processes and their impact. Accurate forecasting of ice breakup is of great importance as it helps to prevent and minimize many hazards and losses caused by ice flood or ice jams. The purpose of ...
Kenrick Mock, Olya Korobova


Identification and Characterization of Temperature-Sensitive Mutations Affecting Root Growth and Development in Arabidopsis thaliana
The intent of this research is to identify genes that control root growth and development in the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana. We reason that studying mutants of this organism and identifying the gene affected in each mutant will lead to a better ...
Ben Harrison, Jocelyn Krebs, April Rochford


Identification of ISWI Chromatin Remodeling Complezes Required for Eye Development and Cataract Prevention
In overview, chromatin structures compact and organize nuclear DNA and influence genomic processes. Chromatin structure is composed of histone and non-histone chromatin proteins, and the organization and function of chromatin is controlled by superfa ...
Jocelyn Krebs, Lorraine Castillo


Identifying Lithium Sources and Geochemical Processes
Lithium is recognized as an essential metal in the development of clean energy via lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are becoming extensively used as both energy storage devices as well as for vehicle propulsion. One geologic formation where lit ...
LeeAnn Munk, Hillary Jochens


Implementation of Bio-Sand Filters in Rain Catchment Systems at Rhema Grace Orphanage
A rain catchment system was constructed by the University of Alaska Anchorage chapter of Engineers Without Borders (EWBlAA) for the Rhema Grace Orphanage as shown in Figure 1. this is ideal for communities in Cameroon. where water resources are scarc ...
Aaron Dotson, Newell Pangylayan


Indirect Fitness on the Evolutionary Success of Celebrities
Abstract: Sexual selection, first proposed by Darwin in 1871, describes the evolution of certain traits by means of interspecies competition. Studies have shown that women, when choosing a mate, preferentially choose celebrities, or men with a high ...
Gary Davies, Brandon Reiley


Influence of Time of Day and Mood State on Recall of Words Associated with Emotionally Charged Autobiographical Memories
There is strong statistical support to indicate a relationship between depression and overall memory impairment; specifically, there is a tendency for depressed individuals to recall more negatively than positively charged material during periods of ...
Claudia Lampman, Earl Charles Crew


Investigating the Anti-Inflammatory Properties of Devil's Club
Devil's club. Oplopanax horridus. has been widely used as a traditional medicine amongst the indigenous peoples of Alaska and British Columbia. The root bark and berries have been used both internally and externally to treat a variety of ailments, i ...
Charles Benson, Colin McGill


Investigation of Chlorinated Fatty Acids Within Phospholipid Classes Found in Tissue of Alaskan Sea Otters
Phospholipids are the main component of cell membranes that contribute to structural integrate and fluidity.  Structural changes in phospholipids, such as chlorination, result in altered physical characteristics of these lipids and ultimately the ...
John Kennish, Eric Mathews


Investigation of Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products in Anchorage Water Sources
I propose to perform a scientific study investigating the anthropogenic influence of wastewater on Alaska's natural waters. The proposed study provides a preliminary examination of chemical pollution by pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPC ...
Craig Woolard, Heather Arkinson


Iris Recognition for Continuous Biometric User Authentication
Identity management is increasingly important in today's technology-oriented world. Unfortunately, modem security techniques are far from flawless. Infallible identity management is the "holy grail" of computer security. The aim of this proposed proj ...
Kenrick Mock, Justin Weaver


Iron-catalyzed Cross-Coupling Reactions
The ability to form C-C bonds is of paramount importance in organic synthesis. Currently, some of the best synthetic methods for forming C-C bonds use transition metal catalysts. The catalysts most often used employ palladium which is expensive, an ...
Marc Perry, Jessica Lazar