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Undergraduate Research Project Management System

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Hedonic Scaling in the Rat: Towards an Absolute Measure of Reinforcer Value
The development of a valid and reliable operational mcasure of reinforcer value is an important objective in the field of behavior analysis (Miller, 1976). While some eperimental and quantitative methods have been developed to investigate the value o ...
Eric Murphy, Joe Mintz


Histology of the Bottlenose Dolphin Palate
Bottlenose dolphins represent the majority of marine mammals in captivity and commonly strand along the Texas/Louisiana coastline. Cell histology and ultrastructure on cetacean palates, particularly bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) palates, ha ...
David Pfeiffer, Carlene Miller


Hmong Residential Patterns in the United States, 1990-2000: Segregation or Assimilation?
A core component of urban sociological research is the study of racial segregation, the residential separation or isolation of racial groups in an urban setting. Because social resources (e.g., jobs, housing), services (e.g., schools), and problems ...
Chad Farrell, Kelly Lanzarone


Holding On or Letting Go: a journey to release
Holding On or Letting Go: a journey to release is a sculptural series of five art pieces which visually explore the process of letting go of ideas and memories that prohibit growth. In each of the five pieces the organic wood represents the self or i ...
Mariano Gonzales, Gillian Brinnand


Homeless at 20 Below: A Photographic Investigation of Life
Nearly 1.5 million homeless youth live in America today, the richest nation in the world. In an effort to understand how some of these children end up on the streets, I would like to conduct a photographic expose on what it means to be homeless in An ...
Tom Skore, Cedar Cussins


How can the People Mover increase ridership among jobholders?
Our research question is “How can the People Mover increase ridership among jobholders?”. In partnership with Anchorage’s People Mover public bus system, we aim to survey Anchorage jobholders to determine which service changes would increase ...
Chad Farrell, Brynn Wagner


Human health risk of heavy metals from consumption of whitefish, Mongolia
Mongolia is one of the fastest developing countries with substantial economic growth resulting from huge underground deposits of natural resources. Due to the development of these resources and the blooming mining industry, rivers and lakes have beco ...
John Kennish, Sainshur Ganchuluun


Hydro Powered Fish Disposal on the Russian River
The Russian River, on the Kenai Peninsula, has had years of problems with bear and human interaction. The Russian River has two large sockeye salmon runs that attract both humans and bears alike. Thousands of people visit this area every year, and ...
Alexandra West, Tom Ravens