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Gaze-Based Password Authentication through Automatic Clustering of Gaze Points
Researchers have proposed systems in which users utilize an eye tracker to enter passwords by merely looking at the proper symbols on the computer monitor in the appropriate order. This authentication method is immune to the practice of shoulder-sur ...
Bogdan Hoanca, Kenrick Mock, Justin Weaver


Gender Stereotypes in Disney Films
Do Disney films use gender stereotypes? If so, what role has the second-wave feminist movement had on gender stereotypes in Disney films? These questions are important, as children look to images in popular culture to understand who they are in the w ...
Jordan Love, Nelta Edwards


Genetic Diversity and Population Structure of Eelgrass in Southeastern Alaska
Eelgrass (Zostera marina) meadows play a critical ecological role in coastal environments, sheltering and supporting many commercially important fish, shellfish, and water birds. In recent years populations of eelgrass have begun to decline due to bo ...
Gary Davies, Jolene Rearick


Geochemical and Physical Connectivity Between Surface Water and Groundwater in the Anchorage Watershed
The chemical composition of natural fresh water is effected by meteoric precipitation, rock-water interactions and the physical connections between surface and ground water. Surface water and groundwater usually have different chemical signatures bec ...
LeeAnn Munk, Megan Cardenas


Get it Cheaper, Get it Quicker: The Relationship in U.S. Neighborhoods Between Fast Food and Economic Class
The number of obesity, diabetes and other diet-related disease cases among adults are increasing rapidly in the United States (Mokdad et al 2001). The food choice options one has access to can be highly dependent on the neighborhood in which one liv ...
Brianne Bowers, Nelta Edwards


Global Diversity: Using Four Perspectives to Build Empathetic Global Citizens
Global Diversity is a three part project intended to prove the need for a curriculum unit on globalization and diversity in elementary education classrooms to build empathetic global citizens of Alaskan students. It consists of three parts: a literat ...
Claudie Dybdahl, Timothy Jester, Heather McIntyre


Growing Plants Under Hyperbaric Conditions
Much recent research has been done on the effects of hypobaric conditions on the growth of plants, particularly in preparation for growing plants on Mars, which has lower atmospheric pressure than Earth (Richards et al., 2006; Paul et al. , 2004). ...
John Olofsson, Lowell Perry