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Ecology of Gun Crime in Anchorage, Alaska: Testing the Collective Efficacy Measure as an Indicator of Crime Rates
"Project on Human Development in Chicago Neighborhoods" and subsequent works by Robert Sampson, Stephen Raudenbush, and Felton Earls (Earls, et al., 1997). In their study, they administered an interview to respondents to gather data on two main varia ...
Sharon Chamard, Joel Hunt


Economic Value of Anchorage Municipal Libraries
Quantitative methods can be used to determine the economic value of Public Libraries. This technique is limited to direct services and can only be applied when annual use data is available. Examples of services that can be quantified include circulat ...
Steve Colt, Kelcie Ralph


Effectiveness of Internet Advertisements During a Distraction Task
A lack of after death organ donors is a nationwide dilemma that has yet to be significantly decreased. Medical advances have made transplant procedures a common and safe practice, but with the low rate of organ donors, people are still dying while ...
John Petraitis, Emily Schultheis


Effects of DNA repair defects on memory and habituation of mechanosensation in Caenorhabditis elegans
Comprehending how memories are induced and retained is one of the major outstanding questions in modern neuroscience. This can be quite challenging in the brains of species in the Animalia and Mammalia kingdoms due to the immense intricacy but invert ...
Judy Vu, Miki Ii


Effects of Fixed and Variable Schedules of Reinforcement on Within-Session Decreases of Response Rates and Food Consumption in Dwarf Hamsters
Food provides strong motivation for humans and animals alike; it is a basic need that must be fulfilled. However, with an increase in agricultural and industrial activity, food has secondarily become an excessive indulgence. Obesity has become increa ...
Gwen Lupfer, Christie Flanagan


Effects of Flavor Variety on Food-Motivated Behavior in Dwarf Hamsters (Phodopus Campbelli)
As obesity becomes more and more problematic in our society, understanding food-related motivation becomes increasingly important. Food motivation is frequently studied using operant conditioning, a process in which food rewards are made contingent ...
Eric Murphy, Gwen Lupfer, Jennifer LaCasse, Linda Blackwell, Sarah Roberson


Effects of testosterone on the synchoronization of activity rhythms to low amplitude zeitgebers in an arctic breeding songbird
A key feature of polar environments is the continual presence of the sun above the horizon; at Barrow, AK this equates to ca. 12 weeks of polar day conditions lasting from the middle of May to early August. During this time, many arctic animals, such ...
Loren Buck, Brady Salli


Effects of Variability in Delay to Reinforcement on Within-Session Decreases in Operant Responding
Abstract 1 Our study investigated the hypothesis that habituation to food reinforcement occurs more slowly when the delay to reinforcement is variable rather than constant. To test this hypothesis. Four Wistar rats lever pressed on a fixed interva ...
Eric Murphy, Alyssa Hoskie, Amanda Hesser, Mikaela Mulder, Shea Lowery


Effects of Yoga on self-Objectification in Adolescent Girls
Objectification theory postulates that women exist in a cultural milieu of sexual messages that serves to socialize women and girls to view themselves as objects to be examined by others (Fredrickson & Roberts, 1997).  As a result girls and women ...
Gwen Lupfer, Desire Shepler


Environmental Geochemistry of Metals Associated with Abandoned Gold Mines on Unga Island. Alaska: Developing an Understanding of Water Quality on Unga Tribal Lands.
The Aleuts of Unga Island have lived a subsistence way of life for centuries and depend upon the quality of natural resources of the land and sea for nearly every need. There are two main streams feeding into Delarof Harbor on Unga Island that come i ...
LeeAnn Munk, Amanda Chriest


Equal Rights/Equal Benefits: An Exploration of Domestic Partner Benefits and Employment Protections in Alaska\'s Private Sector
Issues regarding anti-harassment policies in the work place and, in particular, the identification of sexual orientation as a protected class under these policies are currently at the center of an ongoing conversation in the Municipality of Anchorage ...
Diane Hirshberg, Katie Marquette


Establishment of Nicotine and Cotinine Protocol Using Agilent LC-MS/MS; Determination of Vitamin D Levels in smokers and never-smokers
This study will provide an accessible and affordable means for future monitoring of tobacco use in Alaska and to determine the exacerbating effects of tobacco use on Vitamin D deficiency. Currently, there is no low-cost method available in Alaska fo ...
Cindy Knall, Oksana Miller


Evaluation of MBR Performance Using Particle Size Analysis
The Anchorage Water and Wastewater Utility (AWWU) owns and operates the Girdwood Wastewater Treatment Facility (GWWTF) which serves the resident and transient population of the Girdwood Valley. GWWTF discharges to a tertiary stream and requires advan ...
Craig Woolard, David Persinger


Evaluation of the Arsenic Absorption Capacity of Adedge Feric Hydroxide Media Using a Rapid Small Scale Column Test
The United States Environmental Protection Agency has recently increased regulation of arsenic in drinking water. As a result, many public and private water systems in Alaska are out of compliance. The communities served by these systems are searchin ...
Craig Woolard, David Persinger


Evaluation of Waterless Toilets as Replacement of Honey Buckets in Rural Villages of Stebbins, AK
The objective of the feasibility to study is to evaluate the waterless toilet to be installed as replacing the honey buckets in rural Alaskan villages. It has been suggested that replacing the honey buckets with waterless toilets could improve person ...
John Olofsson, Sophia Lee