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Disinfectant demand of sulfur based H2O2 quenching intermediates after UV advanced oxidation of drinking water
The proposed research will isolate and examine the kinetics of specific chemicals used in ultraviolet radiation and hydrogen peroxide oxidation (UV/ H2O2) which is an advanced oxidation process used in drinking water treatment. After UV/ H2O2 disinfe ...
Aaron Dotson, Stephanie Burt


Do Eco-labels effect consumer choice?
Do informational labels on products influence what people purchase? This research measures the effects of eco-labels. Methods such as prohibition and education outreach are unsuccessful in quickly informing consumers about product impact on their hea ...
Nathaniel Chriest, Zeynep Kilic


Does a Normobaric Hypoxia Sleep Regimen Affect Work Performance at High Altitude?
The military frequently sends service personnel into extreme environments, including high altitude, on short notice. At high altitude, unacclimatized personnel experience a reduction in work capacity, and risk altitude-related illnesses. A few mili ...
Loren Buck, Steven Wolfe


Dynamics of Protein Hydrophobic Cores by Deuteron Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy
In the past decade it became clear that the shapes/structures of proteins are not static – these molecules “breathe” and their structures fluctuate. It turned out that this breathing has important consequences for specific function ...
Liliya Vugmeyster


Dynamics of the Gut Microbial Community of Juvenile Arctic Ground Squirrels
Mammals and their gut microbiota share a mutualistic relationship in which host organisms gain nutrients and energy from the gut microflora, and microbes benefit from access to carbohydrate and an anaerobic environment. However, the gut microbiota ha ...
Khrystyne Duddleston, Brian Quinlan


Dysfunction: An Exploration on Relationships
An Exploration on Relationships is a performance art piece that explores the dynamics of dysfunctional relationships. In combining body art (i.e., painting, henna, costuming) and performance (i.e., dance, theatre, video) the production will tell a st ...
Sean Licka, Kat Tomka, Ruby Kennell