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Decay: A Textural Appreciation of Maturity
My motivation and inspiration for this project comes from many different influences. The inspiration to explore the possibilities of experimental inkjet printing comes from a text book that we used in an experimental inkjet class (taught by Mariano G ...
Mariano Gonzales, Shannon Huber


Defense of R.M. Dworkins Jurisprudence
In this paper, I will defend R.M. Dworkin's legal theory of "integrity in law," contrasted by the writings of Lon Fuller and H.L.A. Hart. In offering this defense, I hope to demonstrate that Dworkin's theory is the most plausible of all legal theorie ...
Jennifer Everett, Ryan Kingrea


Demographic Differences in Computer Anxiety and Self-Efficacy: The Evolution of the Digital Divide
Over the last ten years, computers have become increasingly more important in everyday life. They have become capable of assisting with everything from academia to entertainment, and they play a predominant role in the lives of most college students. ...
Claudia Lampman, Mikaela Mulder


Design and Fabrication of a Benchtop Three Axis Milling Machine
A preferred method in the fabrication of printed circuit boards involves a milling machine to provide a safe, efficient, and overall cheaper alternative. Current developing capabilities at the university require the use of hazardous chemicals, a ligh ...
Muhammad Ali, Alex Bergeron, Brian Logan, Bjorn Olsen


Design and Production of Numerical Controller and Servo Motor System Specifically Used in Computer Numerically Controlled Milling Applications
Electrical engineering students at the University of Alaska Anchorage currently rely on hazardous and inefficient etching processes to create printed circuit boards (PCBs), a required activity for the Bachelor of Science for Engineering, Electrical E ...
Jens Munk, Todd Petersen, Bjorn Olsen


Design of Compliant Mechanism for Planar Motion Amplification
The project proposes to model, design and experimentally test several planar compliant mechanisms that are aimed at amplifying the input mechanical motion. Such compliant mechanisms use flexure hinges (which are slender, flexible portions that can b ...
Nicolae Lobontiu, Paul Bilodeau


Design of Three-Dimensional Precision Positioning Compliant Mechanism
The project aims at developing a three-dimensional, three degree-of-freedom compliant mechanism for precision positioning. The mechanism design will be based on analytical and finite element modeling and simulation, followed by wire electro-discharge ...
Nicolae Lobontiu, Paul Bilodeau


Determination of Pharmaceutical Compounds in Anchorage Wastewater and Streams
Recent studies suggest that phannaceuticals and over-the-counter drugs have been detected in wastewater and groundwater throughout the United States. In this study, a selection of pharmaceutical compounds will be quantified in the wastewater and wast ...
John Kennish, Candace Ede


Determing the Role of Individual Domains on Williams Syndrome Transcription Factor in Xenopus Laevis.
Williams Syndrome is a developmental disorder exhibiting visual/spatial defects and mental retardation in affected patients. Individuals with Williams Syndrome are missing the Williams Syndrome Transcription Factor (WSTF), a gene that together with ...
Jocelyn Krebs, Amanda Fitzgerald


Detoxification and Elimination of α-pinene in North American Porcupines (Erethizon dorsatum) at the Alaska Zoo
North American porcupines (Erethizon dorsatum) are known to consume high concentrations of chemical toxins, such as terpenes, which are produced by plants. These compounds are abundant in conifer needles and cambium which is commonly consumed by porc ...
Ann Jache, Donald Spalinger, Rachael Lehmkuhl


Developing the expression patterns of transcription factor MRF4 in developing Xenopus laevis embryos
The development of the vertebrate embryo requires the coordinated differentiation of several different types of cells. This process is accomplished through the use of transcription factors, which bind to DNA and regulate the transcription of genes. B ...
Caroline Wilson, John Mathot


Development of video based pre-service training for animal shelter volunteers
Enrichment programs have been shown to increase the adoptability and reduce the return of sheltered pets (Salman, Hutchison & Ruch-Gallie, 2000; Casey & Bradshaw, 2008). While providing excellent care for the animals in their charge, many shelters ca ...
Patrina Callahan, Veronica Howard


Developmental Changes in the Myosin Heavy Chain (MHC) expression in Harp Seals
Abstract and Specific Aims: Marine mammal cardiology and skeletal tissues have been extensively studied; however, a connection between seal pup biochemical properties and myosin heavy chains (MHC) has not been shown. The specific aims of this study ...
Jennifer Burns, Mallory Givens


Digital Snow Plow Monitoring for User Navigation Purporses
ABSTRACT: Alaska has very treacherous winters, and navigating is never more difficult for commuters than during the snow season. To help combat the ever accumulating snow in Anchorage, the Municipality deploys snowplows. However, it is difficult ...
Jeffrey Miller, Jacob Wingerd