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Constant-Force Compliant Cripper mechanism
The project proposes to model, design and experimentally test several constant-force compliant mechanism grippers that can be used for percision robotic manipulation. Compliant mechanisms use flexure hinges (which are slender, flexible portions that ...
Nicolae Lobontiu, Raphael Wunderle


Contaminant Distribution along the Aleutian Islands in Seabirds
Inorganic contaminants such as phthalates from plastics, heavy metals, and organic contaminants such as PCBs in the environment pose serious health risks to humans. These contaminants are found globally in water, air, animal populations and consum ...
Douglas Causey, Brittney Spurlock


Contaminant Levels in Seabirds from the Near Island Archipelago
The Near Islands (Attu, Agattu, Shemya, Nizki-Alaid) are the most western group of islands in the Aleutian archipelago. Research suggests that seabird populations are decreasing in this island group, while they are more or less stable in the other re ...
Douglas Causey, Brian Baker


Contribution of Activated Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor to Mucin Gene Expression Associated with Asthma
Asthma is a chronic respiratory illness caused by inflammation of lung tissue and its episodes have dramatically increased within the past two decades. Asthmatic patients exhibit mucus over-production, which can cause overall decreased lung function ...
Carol Jones, Reem Sheikh


Contributions of Chemical Weathering of Bedrock to Natural Waters in Anchorage, Alaska
The chemical composition of natural waters results from both geogenic (natural) and anthropogenic sources. The proposed research will investigate the geogenic contributions to natural waters through the chemical weathering of the bedrock (McHugh Comp ...
LeeAnn Munk, Julia Cohen


Contruction and Validation of an IN Vitro Exposure System
This project proposes to research the effect of atmospheric pollutants in cigarette smoke on live respiratory cells. I will be assisting in this study by helping design and modify a pre-existing plan, and then by assembling said design. This design ...
Cindy Knall, Blaine Shillington


Cook Inlet Belugas: An Analysis of Public Service Communication in Southcentral Alaska
A rhetorical analysis of local media, expert, advocate, and layperson accounts concerning the declining Cook Inlet beluga whale population and its potential for federal designation as an endangered species.
Jacqueline Cason, Rachel Steer


Cooperatives as a Business Model for Alaskan Agriculture and Seafood Industry
The purpose for studying Cooperatives as a Business Model for Alaskan Agriculture and Seafood Industry was to research the cooperative as a business model and to investigate the possible benefits of implementing it into small scale farming and commer ...
Andrew Crow, Nataliya Udovyk


Copper Homeostatis: Histone Modification at the CUP1 Locus
Cells maintain copper at specific levels because it is essential for many biochemical processes, yet toxic at high amounts. Copper homeostasis is maintained through various mechanisms that either uptake copper from the environment or sequester/export ...
Jocelyn Krebs, Cody Rall


Cultural Experiences of Poverty and Food Insecurity
7.2% of Anchorage residents live below the poverty level (US Census, 2009). Due to recent complications in the economy this number has jumped. In Anchorage, even more people are hungry: 10% of adults and 15% of children (Behavioral Risk Fact Surveill ...
Tracey Burke, Krista Howard