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Case study of seasonal effects on a captive female polar bear's behavior
This research is part of an ongoing year-long study looking at the activity of Ahpun, an 8-year old female polar bear exhibited at the Alaska Zoo in Anchorage. Less than 100 zoos worldwide exhibit polar bears, and the Alaska Zoo is one of them. Pol ...
Gwen Lupfer, Jacquelyn Rother


Characterizing the Expression of Transgenic Polyglutamine Repeat Proteins in A. thaliana
Most proteins encoded by an organism's genome are beneficial and thus conserved through evolution, other proteins are actually harmful, and their expression in cells is detrimental to an organism. Proteins containing long tracts of consecutive glutam ...
Ben Harrison, David Nash


Chlorine degradation and concentrations in rural drinking water distribution recirculation loops
Rural Alaskan drinking water distribution systems are faced with unique obstacles that make chemical disinfection challenging. Due to the extreme low temperatures present in the majority of these communities, water distribution systems are engineered ...
Aaron Dotson, Richard Bailey


Classical Era Research/Performance Project
Six UAA music majors have formed a clarinet ensemble to explore, and investigate the form, style and performance practice similarities and differences between three works composed by three generations (early, middle, and late) of Classical era compos ...
Mark Wolbers, Sofia Lagos


Cold Sensitivity in S Cervisiae Histone H2A Mutants
The regulation of gene expression in DNA occurs in the highly compacted structure known as chromatin.  Chromatin is composed of DNA wrapped around a histone octomer containing two copies of each of the H2A, H2B, H3, H4 histones.  Any mutation o ...
Jocelyn Krebs, Alison Eshenower


Combining Geophysics and Geochemistry to Understand the Ammalous Accurence of Permafrost in Anchorage Alaska
Permafrost is a significant feature in the arctic and sub-arctic environments of Alaska. The occurrence and vulnerability of permafrost to change in climate (i.e. warming trends) is of particular interest from an engineering standpoint. For example ...
Jens Munk, LeeAnn Munk, Eric Addison


COMMD1 Action in Hepatocelllular Copper Export
Copper (Cu) containing enzymes (cuproenzymes) are crucial to normal cellular function and development. The intracellular Cu level is highly regulated and maintained at very low levels. The main route of Cu excretion in mammals is by hepatocytes, the ...
Jason Burkhead, Jessica Schwartz


Comparative Treeline Winter Wear Relations of the two Tree Species Respresenting Contrasting Ecozones
In the study of treeline, varying hypothesis have been proposed as to the inability of trees to grow past this zone. Very little is known about the actual mechanisms that are responsible for this distinct trend in growth. It is proposed that the dist ...
Bjartmar Sveinbjornsson, Lindsay Mizell


Comparison Study on Linear-Elastic and Nonlinear-Inclastic Seismic Responses to Fluid Tank Systems
Although liquid containment structures have, over the years, performed reasonably well during earthquakes, a large number of them have been damaged and some have even collapsed. Many tanks were considerably damaged during the 1964 Alaska earthquake. ...
He Liu, Joey Yang, Nikolai Petrov


Compliant Mechanisms with Diaphragm Flexure Hinges: Analytical, Computational, and Experimental Design
This project will investigate and model the response of diaphragm flexure hinges as compliant mechanisms to static and dynamic inputs. Compliant mechanisms arc or particular interest because of their stability. robustness, and ease of manufacturing ...
Nicolae Lobontiu, Timothy Kirk