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Bio-Inspired Intelligent Satellite Image Compression
The purpose of this research project is to demonstrate the technical feasibility of using evolutionary and bio-inspired optimization techniques to identify new coding and transform algorithms for optimized satellite data (e.g., image) communication ( ...
Frank Moore, Michael Peterson, Britny Herzog


Bioarchaeology of French Polynesia
Bioarchaeology allows information about the past to become available to scientists in the present. Using methods of osteology, bioarchaeology, and knowledge of cultures can help provide answers about people in the past. Research conducted on collecti ...
Avery Underwood, Ryan Harrod


Biomedical and Metallurgical Properties of Cobalt-Chromium-Molybdenum Spinal Rods
Hypothesis: The biomechanical and metallurgical properties of cobalt-chromium-molybdenum alloy (ASTM F75) spinal rods are favorable compared with those of the more commonly used stainless steel (ASTM F136) and titanium (ASTM F138) alloys. The Co- ...
Anthony Paris, Kali Korach


Breakfast for Learning in Alaska
The student research is in support of efforts by the Food Bank of Alaska and Alaska Food Coalition to enhance public schools' ability to provide breakfast for students, low income students in particular. Students examined which Alaskan schools and ...
Tracey Burke, Gwyn Jerman, Joel'lene Anderson