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Undergraduate Research Project Management System

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An Evolution of Undergraduate Surveying Education in Alaska
An Associate Applied Sciences Degree in Surveying and Mapping was introduced at the University of Alaska in 1971 and a four year Bachelor of Science Degree in Surveying and Mapping was added in 1991.  These programs were changed to an Associate Ap ...
R.A. Curley, Krysta Wojnowski, Melinda Willman, Samantha Tanner


An Examination of Circadian Rhythms and Self-Reported Grades of High School Students
Circadian rhythms impact a person's alertness throughout the day (Rosenzweig & Leiman, 1989). The circadian rhythms of children tend to move from being morning types (M-types) as youth to being evening types (E-types) around age 13 (Kim, Dueker, Hash ...
John Petraitis, Erin Trimble


An Examination of the Relationship Between Hardiness, Stress, and Health Promoting Behaviors Among College Students
Stress and particularly its negative impact on a person's health is an important concern to society. Research suggests hardiness acts as a resistance resource in the encounter of stressful life events. Research also shows stressful life events can in ...
Claudia Lampman, Virginia Cress


An Exploration of Experiences and Outcomes of Mt. Edgecumbe
Mt. Edgecumbe High School is a State-operated boarding school located in Sitka, Alaska. Originally established by the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) in 1947, Mt. Edgecumbe was the only public secondary school within Alaska available to rural childre ...
Diane Hirshberg, Brit DelMoral


An Investigation of Chlorohydroxy Fatty Acids
My proposed experiment is as follows:  Six biologically pertinent chlorohydroxy fatty acids will be synthesized, separated and run for structural analysis on GC, MS/MS, IR, and NMR.  The starting materials will be the cis isomers of tetradeceno ...
John Kennish, Vanessa Bergstedt


Anaerobic and Aerobic Enzyme Activity in Harp and Hooded Seal Cardiac Tissue
Marine mammal physiology has been well-studied in order to understand the adaptations that allow these animals to perform at intense levels in the absence of freely available oxygen. Bradycardia, vasoconstriction, and enhanced regulation of metabolic ...
Jennifer Burns, Nicolette Skomp


Android Education Apps Seminar
Cell phone and tablet computers have become ubiquitous. Many people have observed how compelling such devices are to their users—suggesting that these devices would be a good platform for highly motivated learning. The grants that I am currently w ...
Kirk Scott, Brent Gonzales


Applause Rising Talent Showcase
I have been chosen to represent Alaska in a national competition by performing theatrically at the Applause Rising Talent Showcase in Orlando, Florida. I would also be instructed by nationally renowned masters in specified training seminars before an ...
Daniel Anteau, Gloria King


Archaeobotany of the Central Aleutian Islands
Few resources document Meut or Unangan plant use before Russian contact, emphasizing the need for multiple lines of evidence to understand Meut subsistence. What we can gather from written histories, plants contributed to Uncmgan subsistence providin ...
Diane Hanson, Holly Thorssin


Archaeology and Ethnography of the Alaska/ Yukon Borderlands
This project focuses on excavation of the Little John Paleoindian site near the AK/ Yukon border, with active involvement of the White River First Nation, Beaver Creek
David Yesner, Kristine Crossen, Rita Eagle


Arctic Observation Network Social Indicators Project
Since January I have been working with Ginny Fay on the Arctic Observation Network Social Indicators Project (AON-SIP). The goal of the project is to add to the development of the Arctic Observation Network, by making datasets available to the scient ...
Ginny Fay, Melissa Bradley


Arctic Primroses
The ability to self pollinate can be seen as a clear advantage in harsh arctic environments where pollinators are uncommon and where weather limits the number of days they can be active. Therefore, if arctic plants species overlap in habitat and hav ...
Matthew Carlson, Tara Harrington


Assessing Caregiver Needs to Develop a Caregiver Support System
The proposed research is a collaborative project with the non-profit Hospice of Anchorage (HA) intended to assist in the design of a support group for caregivers of HA patients. The student investigator is a senior Social Work major doing her interns ...
Tracey Burke, Stephanie Engel


“Conversations and Skylines”
Poetry, in any culture, is a medium unlike any other. Through poetry we can communicate history, thoughts, feelings, events, knowledge and so much more. Like any other literature, poetry we write now will help others far away or in the future underst ...
Don Rearden