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A Cellular Model for Modulation of the Immune Regulator RANTES by Environmental Contaminates
Exposure to 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD) is a serious occurrence in the Arctic regions of Alaska . This contaminant has been associated with inflammatory diseases, and is potentially carcinogenic. TCDD mediates its responses in the huma ...
Carol Jones, Carmen Hanson


A Cooperative for Matanuska Valley Produce Farmers
Would a Cooperative system mutually benefit local produce growers in Matanuska Valley and restaurants in Anchorage? Could a produce cooperative fill voids in the current food distribution system? Project Description: My proposal is to document ...
Shannon Donovan, Carey Thissen


A Practical Thin Shell Concrete Roof Design for Rural and Impoverished Communities
A barrel shell roof consists of thin arched sections made of concrete that are capable of spanning long distances. This design efficiently minimizes the materials used while maintaining strength and stiffness. The lightweight sections can be easily c ...
Scott Hamel, Tom Gill


A Study on Hybrid Allocation Mechanisms for Alaska Sheep Hunting Permits
The state of Alaska currently distributes permits for high demand sheep hunting areas using a lottery mechanism.  Due to changing conditions and demographics within the state ordinary lotteries are becoming impractical due to their inherent ineffi ...
Lance Howe, Donald Ballard


Acceleration of the Head due to Soccer Ball Heading
The effects of repetitive low-impact head injuries are currently inconclusive. The aim of this project was the design and testing of a wireless instrumented mouthguard which would measure accelerations of the head quantitatively. Such a device would ...
Jennifer McFerran Brock, Julia DelSignore


Acceleration of the Head due to Soccer Ball Heading
Athletes in general are at a greater risk than the wider population for head trauma, or physical injury to the head. Investigations into the cause and severity of head injuries during sports play are relevant to the safety of athletes. Currently, the ...
Anthony Paris, Jennifer McFerran Brock, Grant Birmingham, Julia DelSignore, Kaelin Ellis, Lilian Smith


Acceleration of the Head from Impacts During Soccer Heading
Soccer is the only sport where the head is used to redirect motion of a ball. There are conflicting studies relating the long term cumulative musculoskeletal and neurocognitive effects of soccer ball heading in adults. (Paris, Antonini, & McFerran-Br ...
Anthony Paris, Tessa Kara


Aerial Fabric Aspirations
Aerial Arts in performance are a magnificent thing to behold. When I see these amazing feats of strength and physical awareness, I am not just inspired to train my body to move in such a specific and communicative way, but to make this rewarding art ...
Tom Skore, Anthony Oliva


Agent-Based Models of Predator-Prey Relationships between Killer Whales and Other Marine Mammals
The role of killer whales in the decline of various marine mammal populations in Alaska is controversial and potentially important. Estimation of killer whale numbers and the rates of predation on various marine mammal species now have high research ...
Ward Testa, Kenrick Mock, Cameron Taylor, Heather Koyuk, Russell Waggoner


Alaska Native Elders: Traditional Educators in the Urban Environment
The project, "Alaska Native Elders: Traditional Educators in the Urban Environment," studied the role of Alaska Native Elders who served as mentors in the UAA course AKNS 492, "Traditional Knowledge of Alaska Native Elders." This project identifies ...
Ann Jache, Robin Morales


An Analysis of Seismic Activity from Redoubt Volcano, AK Using the Hilbert-Huang Transformation
Recent seismic activity from the Redoubt Volcano has led seismologists to predict an imminent eruption. These predictions are generally based on the magnitude and frequency of the seismic activity, along with knowledge of the physical behavior from p ...
Jens Munk, Dane Ketner, Rrolan Baguyos, Sunil Panthi