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NameTimothy R. Watts
TitleAdj. Prof. of Law
DepartmentCERC / Busienss Administrtion
CampusUAA Eagle River and Mat-Su College

About me

Research Interests

I am working on a project that attempts to reframe the debate about the need for a law school in Alaksa. I believe that research up to this point has undercounted the benefits and has overestimated the costs--particularly the social costs. The dearth of legal scholarship, I hypothesize has led to areas in civil law particularly that cannot be litigated economically, which has resulted to widespread injustice (due to lack of access to lawyers.). Alaska has the largest number of non-practicing lawyers per capita of any state in the Union. My research seeks to uncover why that is the case and whether it is related to the lack of traditional scholarship that saves practitioner's time (and client's money. Moreover, rather than view a law school as a factory for more lawyers more attention should be paid to the public good that directly comes from a dedication by a state to the study of and furtherance of its own laws. Our republican form of governent, I believe, asks no less of our state than to provide to its people laws best suited for its unique and independent characteristics. A law school can perform this critical function.

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