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NameJens Jensen
MajorMechanical Engineering
Career Goal(s)Would like to obtain my Ph.D

About me

I am a sophomore at the University of Alaska Anchorage working toward a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a Minor in Mathematics. In 1999 I graduated from Chugiak High School with my class despite the challenges of having a learning disability.
In 2003 I joined the Air National Guard. In 2009 my time with the US Armed Forces was up. I served six years in the Air National Guard and achieved the rank of Staff Sergeant. My time in the Armed Forces showed me that anything is possible through hard work.In 2003 I attended the Air Force Police Academy and held the highest position as a Flight Chief in charge of 120 personnel. As Flight Chief I was to ensure that all personnel were accounted for and was tasked with making sure organization and time schedules were met.
My most influential work experience was at Garness Engineering. Within four years I was promoted from an entry level position as a laborer to construction manager. For two years my duties were to consult with clients, bid jobs, run multiple crews and insure a safe work environment while maintaining strict time schedules. This experience reinforced my goal toward continuing education and led me further in the direction of engineering.
At the University of Alaska Anchorage I am currently a member of the Alaska Native Science and Engineering Program (ANSEP). I have also volunteered for the following programs; Computer Assembly Program, Tablet Tutoring, Recitation Leader, Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and Society of American Military Engineers (SAME). The Computer Assembly Program helps high school students build computers with the intent to encourage their interest and participation in science and engineering. As a Tablet Tutor, I work with high school students in outlying villages in the attempt to help them in science and math through the internet. As a Recitation Leader I have tutored small groups of college students. The recitation leader must first complete the course subject to be tutored with a grade of B or higher.
My career aspirations are to obtain my PhD in Bio-mechanics and eventually internship with NASA. I am currently conducting group research in Neuro Robotic Interfacing and have worked to build a robotic hand that received 4th place in the Fall 2009 design competition and 2nd place in the 2010 design competition. In spring of 2010 we as group received the Parasca Science Research Award which will allow us to continue working on this project for the next year. We will be presenting our work in the spring 2011 Science Symposium. I am fully confident that additional research along with ongoing schooling will provide the tools necessary to obtain the goals I have set forth.

Research Interests

I would like to continue research in bio-mechanics or robotics. In particular Neuro interfacing with robotics has caught a deep interest of mine and I would love to continue with such research on a graduate level .

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Research Projects

Project TitleStatusKeywordsActivity Date
Quadrupedal Walker (Phase I of III)Currentrobot, quadruped03/01/2011 11:23PM
Mechanical HandCurrentmechanical hand09/25/2010 02:10AM