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NameFrank Moore
DepartmentComputer Sciences

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Project TitleStatusKeywordsActivity Date
Speeding up Image Compression Research via UAA's GPU Server and Evolutionary ComputationCurrentevolutionary computation, image compression, GPU09/21/2011 11:12PM
Yupik Language Dictionary and Processing SoftwareCurrentAlaska Native, yup\'ik, yupik, indigenous, language, technology04/08/2010 04:25PM
Use of Graphical Processor Units to Accelerate Evolutionary Computation for Evolving Image Compression TransformsCurrentevolutionary computation, image compression, GPU01/11/2010 11:34PM
Bio-Inspired Intelligent Satellite Image CompressionCurrentImage processing, evolutionary computation, wavelets, optimization, quantization05/02/2009 02:37AM
Evolved Multiresolution Analysis Transforms for Improved ImaComplete07/05/2008 01:25AM