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NameBen Harrison
TitlePrinciple Investigator
DepartmentBiological Sciences
CampusUniversity of Alaska - Anchorage

About me

Research Interests

We use the plant Arabidopsis thaliana ( to study the genes that control the growth and development of roots. To this end, we have identified and are currently characterizing a collection of mutant plants that have temperature-sensitive defects in root growth. Additionally, we are characterizing the expression of transgenic polyglutamine proteins in plants.

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Research Projects

Project TitleStatusKeywordsActivity Date
Testing the Role of the Chaperone HSP101 in the Enhanced Thermotolerence of Plants Expressing Polyglutamine ProteinsCompletepolyQ01/30/2013 01:17PM
The Effects of Cellular Age on Polyglutamine Repeat Protein Aggregation in Arabidopsis thalianaCompletepolyQ, cellular age01/29/2013 04:13PM
Measuring the Induction of the Heat Shock ResponseCompletepolyQ aggregation, heat shock proteins01/29/2013 03:57PM
Characterizing the Expression of Transgenic Polyglutamine Repeat Proteins in A. thalianaCurrentpolyglutamine, protein03/02/2011 12:05AM
Identification and Characterization of Temperature-Sensitive Mutations Affecting Root Growth and Development in Arabidopsis thalianaCurrentarabidopsis thaliana, genetics, mutants, plant development01/12/2010 04:33PM