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Dear editor:

Your remarks in the November issue on the mathematical illiteracy of many high school graduates invites comment. An increase in mathematical competence among high school teachers is not, I feel, an answer to the problem.

An improvement in quality of high school graduates will not occur as more teachers earn their type-A certificates. An incompetent teacher will still be incompetent after taking reams of courses in mathematics. This is not to belittle the esoteric, but it has little place in the mass production of graduates that is practiced in Canada in the name of public education.
Your point regarding the doing of mathematics was important. Any teacher who has had the satisfaction of working at such problems as are published in EUREKA should attempt to analyze that satisfaction and to realize that students need to have similar feelings.

Half the job is teaching mathematics; the other half is selling it. Aspects of salesmanship are as varied as the personalities of teachers themselves. One thing that cries out to be told (and sold) is that mathematics is beautiful, that it is creatively satisfying, that it can be fun. It should be possible to find joy in doing mathematics. Genuine enthusiasm, judicially communicated, does wonders for motivation.

And once the problem of motivation is solved, the teacher's hardest work is done. The teacher, textbooks, and the students' own minds are then simply sources of the knowledge sought; -if then truly sought, remembered. SHEILA GRIBBLE,

    MATHEMATIQUES. Dessechent le coeur.

    MECANIQUE. Partie inferieure des mathematiques.

    ORTHOGRAPHE. Y croire comme aux mathematiques. Nest pas necessaire quand on

a du style. j
QUADRATURE DU CERCLE. On ne sait pas ce que c'est, mais il faut lever les epaules quand on en pane.

                          GUSTAVE FLAUBERT,

                          Dictionnaire des idees revues.