Vita Addenda for Len Smiley

Here is a list of links to my original math webpages.

  1. Triangle-Free Polygon Dissections : The origin of a nice sequence, A046736
  2. Odd-gons and Even-gons : Some surprising results about dissections by diagonals of a polygon into tiles with sides of one parity.
  3. Catalog of Reversive Symbols : An instructive page showing how my "new" results fit in with the classical ones
  4. Variants of Schroeder Dissections : How to get the E-print for some of the above results
  5. Four Numerical Triangles: Introduction to some new, very basic results about some formal power series first studied by Euler, Cayley, Carlitz, and Knuth.
  6. Carlitz-Riordan Identities: Unexpectadly simple identities relating the second-order Eulerian numbers to the second-order Stirling numbers.
  7. Second-order Eulerians : The connection between the Riordan model and the Gessel-Stanley model for second-order Eulerian numbers.
  8. Euler-Muir Table: This is some very interesting data which suggests many "new" results. The UAA Math Club will be investigating in 2000-2001. The results are embargoed now, but for those wishing a small peek, click here.
  9. Geometry of Addition and Subtraction Formulas My "end-of-the-millenium" proofs of the trig addition formulas. An hommage to Euclid, if you will.
  10. My little corner of Sloane's Encyclopedia This is a listing of 30 of my contributions to the On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences for which I'm credited by name. There are about forty more credited, but you have to 'find word' 'Smiley' with limit 100 to see them all

Len Smiley
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