SplitOutput Reference


The SplitOutput program was designed to split the output (specifically, the *SampleData.xls files) from the simulation into multiple independent files that can be analyzed individually. This was needed because the SampleData files may contain more columns than Excel can handle. SplitOutput allows multiple independent subsets to be selected from the columns available in the original SampleData file, which are then written to their own individual files for analysis.


SplitOutput can be run from the command prompt with the command:

java -jar SplitOutput.jar [datafile [splitfile]]

where datafile is the name of the file containing the data, splitfile is the name of the file containing the parameters used for splitting the data file, and square brackets indicate that what they enclose is optional. If splitfile or both files are omitted, a GUI file selection dialog will be presented to select the file(s).

Typically (at least in Windows), the program can also be run just by double-clicking the .jar file. In this case, both files will be prompted for using the GUI file selection dialog.

File Structure

The split parameters file specifies which data columns will be output into which data files. Blank lines and lines beginning with a semicolon (';') are ignored. The remaining lines alternate between filename and data. A filename line contains only the filename, without an extension. A data line contains a tab-delimitted list of columns to include in the output file. These columns must match columns from the input file, as listed in the input file's first row, but they are not case-sensitive.